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Game of Thrones – The Children

The children

At the request of my Bolivian friends and their orchestras, the following arrangement has been made for string orchestra and children choir, with a solo cello voice which gives the arrangement and extra authentic touch and some virtuosity to the performance.

It should be explained that the lyrics where so hard to transcribe that a lot of it is made up by me, inspired by Valyrian and whatever I manged to hear on the recording. Anyhow, I think it sounds awesome! 😀

As always, sheet music is available on the Sheet Music page of this website.

Una Aventura Chiquitana

In the middle of the subtropical district of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, you find a most wonderful small town called San Ignacio de Velasco. In this exotic place I found the inspiration to make this piece based on the traditional music from the area.

This musical poem was performed by the local musicians and youth orchestra april 19th 2015, and I hope one day to get it played by professional musicians. Here it is for any interested audience to enjoy: