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The Lord of the Rings – tone poem in 5 movements for string quartet
A 30 minutes piece based on all the famous themes from the Lord of The Rings trilogy. Masterly composed by Howard Shore and arranged by Nikolaï Clavier. Includes the movements:

I. Introduction, II. The Ring goes South, III. The war of Helms Deep, IV. The battle for Middle Earth and V. The Return of the King.

Lord of the Rings – tone poem in 5 movements – Full Score
Lord of the Rings – vl.1
Lord of the Rings – vl.2
Lord of the Rings – vla
Lord of the Rings – vlc.


Game of Thrones – The Children
The awesome theme from Game of Thrones arranged for string orchestra and children choir. NB: The piece also contains a solo cello obligato , whilch is at a bit more advanced than the tutti celli:

Game of thrones The Children – Full Score
Game of thrones The Children – Choir
Game of thrones The Children – Violin I
Game of thrones The Children – Violin II
Game of thrones The Children – Viola
Game of thrones The Children – Violoncello solo
Game of thrones The Children – Violoncello tutti
Game of thrones The Children – Double Bass


Have yourself a Merry little Christmas
Merry christmas everyone!! Here is a smooth arrangement for solo violin, 2 violins, viola and double bass:

Have yourself a merry little christmas (String quintet) – Full Score
Have yourself a merry little christmas (String quintet) parts – Violin solo
Have yourself a merry little christmas (String quintet) parts – Violin I
Have yourself a merry little christmas (String quintet) parts – Violin II
Have yourself a merry little christmas (String quintet) parts – Viola
Have yourself a merry little christmas (String quintet) parts – Contrabass

BOND – Victory
Arranged for string orchestra (PS: Double Bass obligato). Have fun with these South American rhythms with a 90’s touch.

Victory (arr for String Orchestra) – Full Score
Victory (arr for String Orchestra) – Violin I
Victory (arr for String Orchestra) – Violin II
Victory (arr for String Orchestra) – Viola
Victory (arr for String Orchestra) – Violoncello
Victory (arr for String Orchestra) – Double Bass


Epilogue from FROZEN – arr. for string orchestra
Masterly written by the hand of Christophe Beck, the music from Disney’s motion picture Frozen will go into history for it’s magic and beauty.

Epilogue from FROZEN – Full Score
Epilogue from FROZEN – Violin I
Epilogue from FROZEN – Violin II
Epilogue from FROZEN – Viola
Epilogue from FROZEN – Violoncello
Epilogue from FROZEN – Double Bass


Hedwigs Theme – arr. for piano sextet
Hedwigs theme from the Harry Potter picture, composed by John Williams and arranged for two violins, viola, cello, bass and piano.

Hedwigs Theme – Full Score
Hedwigs Theme – Violin I
Hedwigs Theme – Violin II
Hedwigs Theme – Viola
Hedwigs Theme – Violoncello
Hedwigs Theme – Contrabass
Hedwigs Theme – Piano


The Verve – Bittersweet symphony (arr. for string quartet)
Did this arrangement for a wedding once, don’t see why I should keep it for myself. 😉 Sounds awesome!

Bittersweet symphony – String Quartet Score
Bittersweet symphony – Violin I
Bittersweet symphony – Violin II
Bittersweet symphony – Viola
Bittersweet symphony – Violoncello


John Williams – Medley (arr. for string quintet)
A medley comprising: Star Wars Fanfare, Jaws, E.T., Superman, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones and more.

John Williams medley – Full Score
John Williams medley – Violin I
John Williams medley – Violin II
John Williams medley – Viola
John Williams medley – Violoncello
John Williams medley – Contrabass


Signs – Main Titles (arr. for piano sextet)
This is the masterly music of James Newton Howard from M. Night Shayamalans movie Signs:

Signs – Main Titles – Full Score
Signs – Main Titles – Piano
Signs – Main Titles – Violin I
Signs – Main Titles – Violin II
Signs – Main Titles – Viola
Signs – Main Titles – Violoncello
Signs – Main Titles – Contrabass


Pirates of the Carribean
Here is a medley over the themes from the first Pirates of the Carribean movie. They have been arranged for violin and viola duo:

Pirates of the Caribbean
Pirates of the Caribbean – violin
Pirates of the Caribbean – Viola


Leaning Against the Wall
A well known tune by the Norwegian band Kings of Convenience, here arranged for brass quintet:

Leaning against the wall – SCORE
Leaning against the wall – Trp. 1Leaning against the wall – Trp. 2
Leaning against the wall – Horn
Leaning against the wall – Trb.
Leaning against the wall – Tuba





17 thoughts on “Sheet music

  1. Thanks so much for the Pirates duet for Viola and violin.It’s a great arrangement.My friend and I want to perform it.Could you possibibly email the separate parts for each player so we have our own part to learn the music. Many thanks N.Smith

  2. Hi Nikolai,
    I wonder if your nice piano sextet version of Hedwig’s theme from Harry Potter is available? I’m putting a charity children’s concert on in September in Hampshire (England) with my piano quartet and guests, and am very short of time to do an arrangement. I can get an acknowledgement onto the website and into the programme for you.


    Andrew Fuller

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  5. Hello!
    GREAT work!
    You are AMAZING!
    Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful arrangements!
    All the best,
    Rani Mello

  6. Hola! Me encanta el trabajo que se tomaron para hacer las partituras!! Los músicos lo apreciamos demasiado!
    Quería preguntar si por casualidad grabaron algún audio oficial para el OST de Harry Potter? Sería de gran ayuda para mí.
    Gracias, sigan creciendo!!

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  10. Es increíble el esmero con que ha escrito todas las partituras .Felicidades en nombre de todos los músicos mexicanos que apreciamos este gran trabajo.Le daremos los creditos cada vez que lo interpretemos .Gracias !

  11. Nikolai, greetings from the U.S.! My sister and I are learning your Pirates of the caribbean duet, and absolutely adore it! Thank you for sharing!

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